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This is my third time working with Chance and I have to say that he’s the best in the business. Great value, awesome team and above all, excellent videos.  Chance takes the lead to make the video the very best it can be and for my client, Jennings Orthodontics in Houston, he did exactly that.  In fact, his video was so great that it got showcased on the KISS rock band website homepage.  I highly recommend his work and will definitely be working with Chance again.
Shervin Kalinia
Founder, HHPage Inc.

- Shervin Kalinia - Founder, HHPAGE Inc.

Chance not only has an eye for shooting and editing but he has the personality that is essential when working with a group as demanding as ours. We have extremely high standards and Chance delivers time and time again. He is collaborative and truly passionate about his job- and it shows. Looking forward to working with Chance for many years to come.

- Lacey Martin - Brand Marketing Manager, Landry's

Texas Chance is a creative genius. I needed to showcase my product and make my company look more professional. I simply explained my idea of a video to Chance, he grasped the concept, made it better, then made it into reality. He is also a consummate professional, guiding me who had zero experience in front of the camera. His crew was top notch and also made me feel comfortable. There is tremendous value in the quality, thoroughness, and creativity that Chance and his team provides. I will definitely be calling him again once I am ready for my next video.

- Brian Hakel, President/CEO of StomaGear, Inc.

When Chance approached me about filming a promotional video I was very apprehensive about the whole process. I wasn’t sure how people would view me. If my message would make it through the video to the prospective customers. I had never been in front of cameras for this amount of time in my entire life combined. Once Chance and his team arrived they totally put me at ease, and built my confidence. They totally made it a fun experience. They followed me around while I was working, but didn’t get in my way at the same time. After the work day, Chance interviewed me about my business, and views on customer service.

He edited hours of ‘action’ and interview material, then put together a professionally produced video that actually made me look good. My personality, and message really came through to the customer. I’ve been complemented multiple times by new clients about the video. A well done video adds so much more to a website than words on a page. It allows the prospective customer to see, and hear your message, your passion for whatever it is you do. It’s incredibly difficult to accomplish that through words alone.

I highly recommend Chance and his team. His creativity is unmatched, a total professional, but makes it a fun experience at the same time. I readily put my name and reputation behind him. Once you hire Chance you’ll realize it’s money well spent.

- Ken Valliere, President, Goodspeed Pest Solutions

When we decided to create some television commercials to amplify our brands and let our radio personalities shine, I knew I wanted to partner with Texas Chance. I’ve known Chance for years and knew that he would wrap his creative brain around our project as if it was his.

Chance is different. He possesses the emotional intelligence to understand and impact your intended audience. He has an eye for the subtle and flair to surprise. The result? Commercials that are memorable, remarkable and effective. Two words: Choose Chance.

- Todd Farquharson, GSM, Gow Media

I just wanted to brag about the people that work with me. From Rob to Joey to Patrick to Ford to Michael to Ally to Adam to my son, Noah, and Carlton, Jason, the other Michael, Tyce, Rich, Ron, Frank and so many more guys are the absolute best. Thank you for caring about each client as if it was your own. Literally every testimonial we received talks as much about you guys as it does the rest of the company and that means more to me than you can imagine. You guys rock.

- Chance McClain, President, Texas Chance Productions

Anyone can take a picture, but an artist holds the ability to expose what others do not see. Some are conflicted when it comes to hiring a production company when they own editing software. I understand.

Chance McClain has a rare gift with his aptitude in grasping your goals, and exceeding your dreams with a product that is innovative and effective. Connecting with a client or audience requires more than a clever tagline and appropriate music. Bringing together multiple elements into a concise and beautiful product is the consistent result of working with Texas Chance Productions. Insightful. Original. Capable. I highly recommend Texas Chance and his team. Not only will you be pleased with the end product, you will enjoy the shared journey in bringing the product into existence.

- PTSD Foundation of America

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